Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bringing Moderation to the Extreme

The epiphany scared me. It made me mad… then disturbed… and then, inspired.

As I watched Tom Brady’s interview with Mike Tirico prior to the start of Monday night’s “game” with the Houston Texans, I realized that Brady, the same man who has been at the helm of a cornucopia of my worst moments as a sports fan, no longer garnered even the slightest modicum of my disdain. I’ve always respected Brady—much in the same way I hope Red Sox fans feel about Derek Jeter—but this was something more than a begrudging acknowledgement of greatness. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Where Did I Go?

It's be a while since I posted onto Late Night Thoughts.  The reason for that is that I've been spreading my writing efforts across two different websites recently, leaving no time to create original things here.

Still, I want to provide a way for my recent work to be accessed.  The two main places I am posting are (1) Bleacher Report and (2) Chalkpack Magazine.  If you maneuver around the cites you should have no problem finding my contributions.  

For Bleacher Report, I am listed as "Adam B. Weinberger" since apparently another "Adam Weinberger" has written for them and while I am sure this impostor is a wonderful person, he is certainly not as wonderful as am I.   

Hopefully I will have some original Late Night Thoughts content within the next week.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

NBA Draft's Most Exciting Selections

I recently got the opportunity to write for Bleacher Report.  As such, most of my work will cease to be posted here and instead put somewhere on their site.  The links for these articles will be provided here, as well as through my Twitter and FB accounts.  However, any non-sports related work will continue to appear in Late Night Thoughts.  Here is my first contribution to the cite:

NBA Draft's Most Exciting Selections: Davis, Waiters, Robinson Lead the Way