Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trivia Answers

My father informed me that I failed to post the answer to the trivia questions.  The answers:

1. Who set the record for most intentional walks (44) by a right-handed hitter in 2009?  Difficulty: 1/10
--Albert Pujols

2. Who is the only player in MLB history to win both the all-star game MVP award and World Series MVP award in the same season? Difficulty: 2.5/10
--Derek Jeter
3.  In 1999, this player finished the season with a .379 batting average.  Who was it?  Difficulty: 3/10
--Larry Walker

4. The 2007 NFL draft produced one of the greatest busts in recent memory: JaMarcus Russell.  Oakland should feel even more disappointed when you consider the six first-round draft choices who have been elected to the first-team AP all-pro roster.  Who are they? Difficulty: 4/10
--Calvin Johnson, Joe Thomas, Adrian Peterson, Patrick Willis, Darrelle Revis, and Jon Beason 

5. Allen Iverson finished the 2000-01 regular season with 31.1 PPG – the best in the league.  Who was second in points per game?  HINT: He also led the league in total points scored.  Difficulty: 4/10
--Jerry Stackhouse 

6. Also in 1999, this player made MBL history by recording eight RBI’s in a single inning via two grand slams (both single inning records).  Difficulty: 5/10
--Fernando Tatis

7. The three highest passing yard totals in a single Super Bowl are 414, 377, and 365.  Name the quarterback responsible for each total.  Difficulty: 2/10
--Trick Questions!! Kurt Warner, Kurt Warner, Kurt Warner


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