Friday, May 14, 2010

More LeBron but then I’m Done, I Promise

There are few things in sports that annoy me more than relentlessly carrying on about a single topic or person for months after, before, or between significant events. For example, now is not the time to hear about Brett Favre in the midst of NBA and NHL playoffs, and the fact that baseball games seem a little more important now that we are in the second month of the season. The only thing I want to see with Brett Favre is this! Actually, maybe we should see more of it! Really, this cannot be showed enough.

Brett Favre looks everywhere for inspiration

Anyways, I’m pretty sure LeBron is going to take on Brett Favre status for the foreseeable future. A friend of mine pointed out yesterday that after the conclusion of the Cav’s game, LeBron-James-related topics took up two consecutive Sports Center “rundowns” worth of information (the rundown is the column on the side of a Sports Center telecast that gives a preview of the upcoming topics on the show). Now, unless LeBron James appeared at the press conference and did ALL of the following, there is absolutely no reason for him to take up 35 plus consecutive minutes of ESPN.

1. LeBron declared his eligibility for the NFL draft next season

2. LeBron revealed the tapes he personally discovered in Doc Rivers’ duffle bag, which have hours of footage from Cavaliers practices

3. LeBron announced the existence of a new element that powers his body

AND 4. LeBron was sporting a New York Knicks jersey through all of this.

Believe it or not, he did not fulfill the 4 obligations. In fact, he did perform any of them. Therefore, the amount of time spent on him is unacceptable. Have people even mentioned the amazing run made by the Celtics? No!

I will now begin my final analysis on LeBron James until July 1 at the earliest, unless of course he does one of the 4 qualifications to garner 35 minutes of ESPN coverage. To continue the trend mentioned above, I will not discuss the Celtics.

Watching the end of the Cleveland season was actually sad. I do not remember the last time I saw a team and player fall apart because of such obvious mental causes. I mean, exclusively mental causes. LeBron was far too conservative throughout the course of the game and his teammates were ineffective as usual. When LeBron was sitting on 7 assists, I made the statement that he should NOT get a triple double for the game. Doing so would have meant that he was looking to pass, instead of looking to score. It seemed like every time he came off a screen, where he would usually shoot a three or mid-ranger, LeBron would swing the ball to Mo Williams, Antwan Jamison, or anybody other member of what I like to call the “Mediocre Mob.”

Even more disturbing, was the fact that LeBron showed that he had the ability, even last night, to take over the game with his driving and shooting. When LeBron knocked down back-to-back 3 pointers in the fourth quarter, I thought to myself, “Finally! Here we go! Now he has his confidence back.” To my bewilderment, he shot the ball, I believe, two or three more times the entire game. A friend of mine who I was watching the game with told me that LeBron’s performance in the last three games reminded him of A-Rod in the MLB playoffs. However, I said that was not accurate. Unlike A-Rod, LeBron has often been totally dominant in playoff games where he is aggressive. For whatever reason, he just lost confidence.

If I were Mike Brown, I would have pulled LeBron aside and said, “Listen, LeBron, you need to take over this game. No more passing, no more turnovers. When you get the ball in your hand, which you will because I told everyone to give you the goddamn ball like I always predictably do, I want you to either shoot or drive hard to the basket. If you miss it, I don’t care! Just shoot! Maybe you will get fouled and if you don’t, then next time you will! We are here exclusively because of you. You are the best player on the planet and there is nobody on the court who can guard you! Now go win the game!” I highly doubt he did this. While “give the ball to LeBron and get out of the way” seems like a simple strategy and one that you do not need to be a professional basketball coach to devise, it sure as hell is better than not having the ball in his hands at all. That triple double should have never happened.

My (now) final thought about the game was how I had never seen a team give up with over a minute left and down by single digits in a post-season game. That was unacceptable.

In other non-LeBron News…

Derek Jeter’s hit last night gave him 2,786 for his career through 2,171 games. That is an average of 1.283 hits/game. This is through 14 full seasons in the MLB, plus 15 games in 1995 and the 33 so far this season. Pete Rose averaged 1.195 hits/game for his career and finished with a record of 4,256. Through his first 14 seasons he had 2,762 hits. If you add to that his average of 1.195 hits/game for the 48 “additional games” he would have 2819. Obviously, the two played a different number of games per season and Rose was not as consistent a hitter towards the end of his career, thus skewing his hits/game average. However, the numbers are very close. If Jeter can stay relatively healthy and wants to chase this record, he has a chance. I doubt he will, but its possible.

Darrelle Revis is the best corner in the NFL and one of the best, if not the best defensive player in the league. He is the most important player on the leagues best defense. He is due to make a miniscule 1 million dollars next season. Albert Haynesworth-a-lot makes more for bending over (to play the defensive tackle position, okay! Like all he has to do is bend down and not actually make a play and he still gets more than Revis. You know what I meant). I not only want the deal to get done very soon, but I also hope that it’s through at least 2014, since he is currently signed through 2012.

And last but certainly not least, Brett Favre, everybody!


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