Friday, October 7, 2011

Optimism No More

My sports life is in shambles.  That crab-armed-executioner monster from 300 has taken it by the midsection and ripped it into little bits. 

Two weeks ago I was feeling great.  The Jets were 2-0.  The Yanks clinched home field while the Red Sox were starring down the inevitable end of the greatest collapse everyone saw coming from since September 1.  The Jersey Shore wasn’t a nauseating Snooki cry-fest.  I had both my testicles. 

One of those has stayed the same.

Last night the Yankees essentially had bases loaded with 4 outs.  Result: 0 hits, 0 sac-flys, 1 walk RBI (in a questionably called at-bat).  They scored 2 runs, 1 fewer then the number of starting pitchers they used during the game. 

I spent the first 6 innings of the game blaming the pitching decisions of Girardi.  “A starting pitcher can’t just pitch in a relief situation!  He’s used to taking an inning to get into a rhythm… What’s the point of building this game up for Sabathia if he goes less then an inning?... He’s gonna need to answer a lot of questions.”  But by the game’s end it was clear that Girardi was not the one that will need to answer the most questions about this loss. 

The Yankees had the best lineup in baseball.  Brett Gardner is the only player in last night’s starting order to never appear in an all-star game… and he performed better then anyone during this ALDS.  New York had the 2, 3, and 4 hitters at the plate in the bottom of the ninth; you can’t ask for anything better.  It is inexcusable for the Yankees to produce 2 runs, on just 1 RBI hit, with their season on the line.  They have been in the postseason 14 of 15 years.  The goal is not to make it to the playoffs, it’s to go to the World Series.  Us Yankee fans are certainly spoiled, but this season is a failure. 

As for their same-citied group of frustration and failure, the Jets have me thinking a double digit, or even a winning season is slipping away.  It’s only week 4!  What are you saying!

The Jets should be 1-3.  They should be thanking whatever it is that they thank that Tony Romo is more of a knucklehead (Barkley intonation) than the Sanchize. 

Although they have seen some lofty numbers put up against them, I really think this defensive unit will be as good, if not better then in previous years.  Wilkerson has looked good during the first 4 games of his rookie year.  The pass rush has been fantastic.  The struggles of Nnamdi in Oakland has cemented what all Jets fans have known for years; Revis is miles ahead of the next best cornerback.  Their performance in the Sunday Night Two-Girls-One-Cup Vom-Fest against Baltimore was perhaps the best the defense has played ever

Of course, that game also showed that the Jets are in some major trouble offensively.  Mangold’s absence cannot excuse everything we saw. 

The last 2 games have proved that the Jets offense is as predictable as Robert California’s response to everything.  How many times have we seen this?

First Down: Play action, bootleg right, over the head of a slant-right Dustin Keller

(Ugh, we can’t run it now; it’s second and long.  What can we call that Sanchez can handle, the simple roll out has already failed. )

Second Down: Wide receiver screen!  Deflected at line/Holmes side steps past corner and engulfed immediately by nickelback or safety. 

(Okay, third and 8.  How do we pick up 8 yards?)   

Third Down: Six yard pattern! 

I honestly don’t see from where this offense will come.  Sanchez looks downright terrible.  He steps too far into his line to avoid the pass rush.  The only thing he does more then overthrow receivers is throw the ball at their feet.  He still has no clue how to protect the football. 

The running game is horrendous.  They are currently number 30 in the league for total yards and yards/attempt.  30! They’ve rushed it the 28th most times.  28th!    Shonn Green is struggling, LT is worse. 

Panic mode is at it’s all time high for the Rex Ryan era.  They have New England this week and I don’t know how they can pull it off.  Belichick knows all about this struggling offense and it’s predictability.  The Jets are in trouble in this division. 

It’s like I always said about the Monday Night Football theme song: Unless someone ignorantly and convolutedly compares the president of the United States to Adolf Hitler, I don’t see a way this will ever change. 



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